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Welcome to Building Surveyor

Buying a property is the largest single investment you will make in your lifetime. It is not a decision that should be made lightly, you will need to hire a companyput that you know you can trust. And one of the most important choices that you will be making is which building surveyor to appoint to survey your potential new property, either if it is new and in the planning stages or an older building.   

To become an accredited building surveyor, a person is required to undergo a course of study lasting for more than 3 years, this will enable them to fully understand and interpret the many laws that have to be implemented to construct or maintain a building or property.

Only a fully qualified property surveyor is authorised to assess building plans and ensure that they are compliant with all the current UK building regulations. That's why you need to find a surveyor that you can place your trust in when it comes to this significant stage in your life's journey.

Things that you need to look for and find in the surveyor of your choice is not just the experience but also the properly recognised qualifications, which you should request to see as well as their company registration and appropriate insurances.

Building surveyors have many issues to take care of when approving a building.  As well as making sure that the building they are assessing is totally safe, they also need to examine other potential concerns such as accessibility, energy efficiency, efficiency of layout and planning of the building. The latter issues and how they are addressed can signify the difference between a good and a bad property surveyor, especially in the initial design stages of a new property. 

Property surveyors need to be involved in the planning and functionality of buildings as well as interacting with other building industry professionals. These will include engineers, architects as well as the appointed building contractors. A surveyor's role in any building project is to make sure that a property under construction has been designed to comply with all current building regulations. They need to take care of all aspects of building legislation, complying with technical codes and maintaining construction standards. Detecting and diagnosing potential problems relating to design issues, construction techniques and building material standards are also on the list of any building surveyor's areas of responsibility.  ,

In the last few years in the UK Legislation has been introduced that will allow private surveyors to issue building permits. Known as ?private certification? this new breakthrough will allow the public a much enhanced freedom of choice in  engaging a private surveyor, This legislation should not mean however that standards have been reduced. In fact the opposite should be the case with increased competition.

Many people are under the wrong impression about surveyors. Their roles in the process of buying a second-hand property or planning a new one are of the utmost importance. That's why when you begin to take the first steps to buying a property you need to ensure that you place your faith in an accredited industry professional UK building surveyor.

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